Die hard Etherean. 15 years in software development. 5 years in Ethereum app layer development. Creator of the Ethernaut CTF game. Founder of the EthernautDAO. Ex Aragon, OpenZeppelin, and Synthetix. Cultivating real value in Web3 through the EthernautDAO.


Pre crypto era
I've designed 3d rendering engines as well as audio engines, built a bunch of games and mobile apps, and then moved into crypto.
Crypto era
My crypto career started as an auditor in OpenZeppelin for 2 years, then built tooling for Aragon for a year, and finally designed the core smart contract architecture for Synthetix v3. I'm currently building a state-of-the-art governance system for Synthetix as well.
I've written a series of articles in the Ethernaut Diaries, including the Deconstructing a Solidity contract series, etc. I generate educational content for devs, whenever I get a chance.
Some of the other stuff I've done
The EthernautDAO
The Router Proxy
Solidity trivia thread
EVM golf thread
Ethernaut Diaries
Deconstructing a Solidity Contract


I'm Alejandro Santander in meatspace, based in Uruguay (UTC -3). I speak Spanish, but I'm also pretty fluent in English.I studied physics four about 4 years before I wandered too close to the event horizon of software development, and have been falling down that rabbit hole since then. 100% self-taught in computer science.I love to combine extreme nature activities such as surfing, with hardcore building. I've found a nice crazy equilibrium with these two. I basically find it hard to not do things intensively 😅I'm a senior dev, so I've pretty much gone through all the languages and stacks, and if there's something I don't know, it's routine for me to catch up quickly at this point.If I had to give you an honest TL;DR that defines me, I'd say that I take my time to understand things very deeply, but once I do, I can focus on a topic with the power of the death star's superlaser beam -with a special added bonus: creativity. Or in humbler words: I can be slow at times, but I go deep. Very deep.I love simplifying complex things, and exposing them to others as if they were not complex at all to begin with.I've got a lot of experience managing teams, and making connections, but my favourite areas are research, prototyping, and education.I'm a creative coder basically. Half engineer, half artist. An explorer; Hence my alias "The Ethernaut".


You can find me here (mostly) 👇